5 Qualities That Make a Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Great

You’re jet-lagged after a long-haul flight. Being suspended up in the air for more than 10 hours is no walk in the park. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in a crappy hotel. Right? This is why it’s important that you book your hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia ahead of time to be sure that you’ll get the best accommodation at the best price.

But how do you know there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when you get to the hotel you booked?

Here are five qualities that make a hotel in Phnom Penh or anywhere in the world great.

  1. A comfortable bed.

Laying on a soft mattress after a long day of frolicking around Cambodia’s capital is extremely important. The bed should offer enough lumbar support to ensure a good night’s sleep every night. Besides, having a nice bed to lay on to is like having a home away from home. So, yes, it does make or break the outcome of your holiday.

  1. Clean toilet and bath.

There are so many things that could go wrong with a hotel T&B.

Water pressure, hot and cold shower options, size of the showerhead, cleanliness of the tiles, heated seats, bidets – these are just some of the things that most Western guests look for in a fantastic hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia or anywhere in the world.

The best hotel in Phnom Penh will have these and more because they know that guests only want whatever gives them their money’s worth.

  1. An awesome view.

A lot of travellers won’t mind the size of the hotel room as long as it has a beautiful view. Having a fantastic view of the ocean, the city, or the mountains can help make your holiday more memorable.

In YK Art House in Phnom Penh City in Cambodia, for example, you can stay in rooms with an amazing view of the river nearby, as well as the hotel’s garden and swimming pool.

  1. Modern amenities and facilities.

Air-conditioning systems, flatscreen televisions, hot and cold showers, hairdryers, cafes, bars, swimming pools, golf courses, and concierge services – these are amenities and facilities that can enhance a guest’s experience.

If you want to make sure that your stay will be worthwhile, see to it that the hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia has the amenities and facilities that really matter you. read more

Your Ultimate Guide to Exploring the Land Down Under the Smart Way

Australia іѕ one of the world’s mοѕt рοрυlаr tourist destinations in the world. Think good roads, stable political system, low crime rate, and great health care programs — all of which mаkе it a country that іѕ relatively easy and safe to explore. Thіѕ country іѕ full of natural beauty, including that of Caloundra’s holiday tourist spots, white sand beaches, tropical forests, and, of course, the Grеаt Barrier Reef. Hοwеνеr, it іѕ іmрοrtаnt to know important facts, such аѕ their currency, form of communication, types of accommodation, shopping, and other things before getting ready to go there. When it comes to holiday accommodation, though, you’ll be more than comfortable staying in a unit in Boardwalk Apartments.

boardwalk apartments

Here are ѕοmе more useful facts and tips for travelling to the land down under – Australia:


Australia’s currency іѕ thе Australian dollar. You can exchange your local bills with the Australian dollar at international airports, hotels, аnd banks. Thе mοѕt common credit cards accepted here are Bankcard, Diners Club, MasterCard аnd American Express.

Typical Costs


Hostels, bed and breakfast inns, and guesthouses may be cheaper per a night. Camping is also an excellent choice if you and your group are adventurous and are looking to spend your holiday in the great outdoors.

If you want a place to stay that has a “home away from home” feel to it, you’d be more comfortable in one of the Caloundra holiday unitsat Boardwalk Apartments. They have so many options to choose from, depending on your needs and budget. There are units that can fit more than five people, which means that you’ll be able to save money on accommodation since you don’t need to book several hotel rooms for all of your companions.


Thе food іѕ nοt cheap іn Australia. Mοѕt food аt a decent restaurant costs 20 AUD οr more. But if you stay in a Boardwalk Apartments unit, which is equipped with a kitchen, you’ll be able to prepare and cook your own food. All you have to do is shop for supplies at a supermarket or grocery shop nearby. This will definitely let you save some cash that you can spend on other important things, like going on a side trip to Noosa Heads, which is another hot tourist destination in Australia. read more

ATV Parts and Accessories for Suzuki ATVs in Australia

All terrain vehicles or ATVs provide a lot of excitement and entertainment to the people who love riding these vehicles. A sport and adventure loving country like Australia has a huge number of such cross country riders and those who participate in competitions. The ATVs will also have to be maintained in great shape because they rumble through rough terrains, and you don’t want to be struck in the middle of nowhere during the next ride out. To keep your ATV in the best of conditions, you will need the Suzuki ATV Parts Australia based dealer to keep supplying you with the parts needed from time to time.

Suzuki ATV Parts Australia

Make a List of Critical Parts and Order Them

An expert ATV user is aware as to which parts in an ATV would be critical and would have them sourced. If the dealer supplying the Suzuki ATV parts has an online presence and has displayed the various parts on their website, it will make your task very easy. If the parts you need are there and the prices indicated, you could simply order, make the payment and wait to receive the packet.

A majority of the parts of an ATV would be meant to provide protection to the ATV’s critical components. For instance, the CV joints will need the guards to protect them. Some of the other components, like the radiator and oil pipes, will also require to be protected. The expert ATV rider knows that neither the ATV nor the parts of the vehicle come cheap and one must do all one can do to minimise the damage caused to the vehicle and its key components. This has to be viewed from the perspective that the ATVs are indeed put through a gruelling routine while out on the terrain. The supplier of Suzuki ATV parts Australia market has today helps in this endeavour.

Look for Parts and Accessories of other ATVs As Well

While Suzuki ATVs may be popular, there are other brands also available and used in Australia for different purposes. You can also order Kawasaki ATV parts online, and you should be able to find almost all those parts you need on the dealer’s website. The best dealers in ATV parts and accessories will stock ATV rims, tyres and protection parts as dealt with above and a host of accessories which the ATV drivers will need to make their rides less of a strain. The shockies for ATV are also one of the key parts, because these all terrain vehicles virtually jump off the ground and then land back. The best brands of shockies will make sure the landing of the ATV does not affect the rider and the critical components of the vehicle. read more

Golfing to Perfection

Playing golf is cool. Many people desire to tee off but lack the skills and knowledge of doing it. Proper understanding of the fundamentals of a golf swing provides basic skills of golfing. You cannot produce better golf shots if you do not how to apply basic swings. This should not, however, worry you because there are several golf instruction videos available online. The videos demonstrate ways of maintaining the right golf posture, positioning the ball in the right setup, correction of a slice, straight drives and long hits, correction of a hook, attaining a proper chip shot, as well as how to chip from tall grass.

Watching good golf players gives insights of golfing. Even the successful golfers started by watching online videos and today you cannot ignore their perfection on the field. You need to learn from the first step of gripping the golf club. Proper grip will allow you to make long shots. As you get along, you will be able to adjust the required pressure on the club. Maintenance of the right posture is also vital since it gives you balance and provides you with the required power to consistently strike the ball. With the right posture, you also need place the ball in the correct position for you to arrive at the correct impact position.

Every potential golf player desires to hit the ball farther. This will be possible if you have a clear understanding of the power sources within the golf swing. This has been demonstrated by readily available golf instruction videos. The videos also illustrate some driver fundamentals such as hitting long drives which are straight. In golf, hitting the ball long and straight shows your skills and mastery of the game. The videos also demonstrate how easy it is to correct your slice by simply making some few simple adjustments to your swing.

To amateurs, the term chipping from a good lie may sound new. However, when you watch golf instruction videos, you will get to know how to make the right projectile of your ball. The videos will show how easy it is to achieve that because you only require to make a chip shot. read more

Stay in the Best Accommodation within the Best Walk Town

One of the best places to go on holiday in Australia is Noosa, especially after being voted the best walk town in Australia. This means it is more than an ideal place for your tour to Australia. Decked with beauty untold and activities to unfold, you get the opportunity to have a lifetime experience of a holiday to covet. However you cannot enjoy whatever beauty and activities it has without having a place for accommodation. For your best experience, you need to get an accommodation Noosa offers.

For a place know to be the best walk town in Australia, it must be a place with beauty that attracts many tourists. This simply means that you finding accommodation cannot be an issue as there is plenty. It does not matter what part of the town you want to find accommodation, whether near the beach such Sunshine beach, or near one of the streets in Hastings, you are guaranteed the best quality accommodation Noose offers.

If you choose to live in Hastings, there are al lot of options at your disposal. You could choose a Hastings street accommodation from beachfront, waterfront or non-waterfront. The beach front option offers luxury like no other beginning with the fact that you have the beach as your front yard.

Among the Noosa Accommodation Hastings Street offers, you can get what suites you from one bedroom apartment to four bedroom apartment. All these offer you the view of the most favourite place in Hastings, the beach which will be right at your door step. Besides these you can also get the penthouse that will expose you to a high life experience you have never imagined.

The four bedroom apartment spares nothing when it comes to offering you the luxury that comes with Noosa accommodation. Right from furnishes and fittings that are done in a manner that naturally blends in with the beach front. This comes with four bathrooms and can fit up to eight people.  Amenities available include a fully furnished kitchen, a washing and drying machine, and wireless internet.

The three bedroom apartment also offers the same level of luxury only that it accommodates fewer people, up to six. In this category you can also get a penthouse that is exclusively reserved for hire. With three bathrooms, this fully furnished apartment comes with amenities such as kitchen, wireless internet, lift, ample parking among other things. This Noosa Accommodation Beachfront apartment is just what you need. read more

What to Know Before Booking Charters for Fly Fishing

Are you excited to go on a Fly Fishing Queenstown activity? Before you head to booking a charter, here are some considerations you need to sort out, first:

Booking a charter for a Fly Fishing Queenstown activity isn’t so hard. But you still have to consider a few things before booking, such as your expenses. If you want to quit worrying about the latter, book a Queenstown Fly Fishing charter in advance.

Fishing charters come in numerous options and you can pick or pick the charter based on your requirements. To reserve the ideal charter for a Fly Fishing in Queenstown, it’s good to think about a couple of things:

Fishing activity type

The way other people do fishing might be different from how you want to do it. You and your friend or family have to very first identify the kind of fishing you would wish to do. While some people decide to choose night fishing or reef fishing, others choose offshore or inshore fishing trips.

You might even go ahead and ask the charter the kind of fishing chances they use. Without such details, it may not be easy to pick the best charter today.

Size of the group

It is either you would go fishing alone, or with family members or friends traveling with you. The size of the group taking a trip with you could highly figure out the charter you would pick. If the group is big, you might choose to sign up with a shared charter on your boat or get a private charter.

While boats meant for smaller sized groups can bring about 6 people, party charters can accommodate about sixty guests. It is possible to discover charters for both large and small groups and at an inexpensive rate.

Duration of the journey

The duration you plan to spend on the water would also identify the type of charter you would reserve. A full day charter would use you 8 hours of fishing while you would only fish for four hours on a half day charter. However, you might likewise get an overnight charter and fish all night. If you will not fish all the night, you could also sleep on the overnight charter depending on exactly what you want. See more here Queenstown Fishing read more