5 Qualities That Make a Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Great

You’re jet-lagged after a long-haul flight. Being suspended up in the air for more than 10 hours is no walk in the park. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in a crappy hotel. Right? This is why it’s important that you book your hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia ahead of time to be sure that you’ll get the best accommodation at the best price.

But how do you know there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when you get to the hotel you booked?

Here are five qualities that make a hotel in Phnom Penh or anywhere in the world great.

  1. A comfortable bed.

Laying on a soft mattress after a long day of frolicking around Cambodia’s capital is extremely important. The bed should offer enough lumbar support to ensure a good night’s sleep every night. Besides, having a nice bed to lay on to is like having a home away from home. So, yes, it does make or break the outcome of your holiday.

  1. Clean toilet and bath.

There are so many things that could go wrong with a hotel T&B.

Water pressure, hot and cold shower options, size of the showerhead, cleanliness of the tiles, heated seats, bidets – these are just some of the things that most Western guests look for in a fantastic hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia or anywhere in the world.

The best hotel in Phnom Penh will have these and more because they know that guests only want whatever gives them their money’s worth.

  1. An awesome view.

A lot of travellers won’t mind the size of the hotel room as long as it has a beautiful view. Having a fantastic view of the ocean, the city, or the mountains can help make your holiday more memorable.

In YK Art House in Phnom Penh City in Cambodia, for example, you can stay in rooms with an amazing view of the river nearby, as well as the hotel’s garden and swimming pool.

  1. Modern amenities and facilities.

Air-conditioning systems, flatscreen televisions, hot and cold showers, hairdryers, cafes, bars, swimming pools, golf courses, and concierge services – these are amenities and facilities that can enhance a guest’s experience.

If you want to make sure that your stay will be worthwhile, see to it that the hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia has the amenities and facilities that really matter you.

  1. The small details.

Minute details matter, too, to a lot of people. Having clean, fluffy towels, bath products, heated mirrors, loaded minibars, complimentary gifts, and other small things can go a long way.

YK Art House in Phnom Penh has one-bedroom apartments that can accommodate those who are travelling in groups. They have a sofa, hairdryer, single-burner hotplate, microwave, refrigerator, dining table, as well as offer housekeeping services.

This beautiful hotel also offers travel services. They can make the necessary arrangements if you want to visit neigbouring cities, like Siem Reap, Kep, or Kratie.

Check out what else they can offer by logging on to https://ykarthouse.com/.

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